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To safely practice the toughest tackle in football, run drills on our Open Field Tackle Machine. Improve your overall defense in a realistic way, using minimal practice time.

  • Correctly practicing the proper speed and angle during run-pursuit drills gives players the skills to stop the ball carrier on game day.
  • Use the Open Field Tackle Machine for form tackling, wrap-up drills, and forearm shiver.
  • Offensively, you can work on pass blocking, shoulder and drive blocking, and leverage principles. Safely practice combination, cut, and stalk blocks.
  • Set the overhead tube lower at one end so players drive the dummy “up hill,” or leave level for repeated tackle drills.
  • Large rollers provide years of smooth service.
  • Overhead tube is galvanized steel for long-lasting,maintenance-free durability.
  • Choose 50 lb or 80 lb hanging dummy (same outside dimensions).


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