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Achieving exceptional results in athletics requires specific training for the glutes, hamstrings and hip regions of our musculature. The Pendulum Reverse Glute-Ham gives the athlete the ability to isolate the glutes or hamstring, or train both simultaneously.

Leg training is a critical component for optimal athletic performance. Options can be very limited when foot, ankle, shoulder, or back injuries occur. The Pendulum Reverse Glute-Ham will optimize your athletic health through a variety of training limitations.


  • Five position S.E.T. (Set Extension Technology) range limiter allows control of range of motion for training or rehab.
  • User friendly, easy access design allows for easy access for athletes of all sizes.
  • Two plate storage horns provide convenient weight storage.


How Pendulum Strength Machines Are Built

Manufactured in the USA

Set Extension Technology (S.E.T.)

Precision Strength Curve

Engineered strength curves for maximum results.

Accomodates Different Heights


Train with confidence surrounded by safety features including lockouts, range limiters, non-skid foot pads, and dead stops.

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