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Twenty One Reps

The 21 repetition routine is a great addition to a strength training program to stimulate growth. The athlete takes an exercise that is normally done and progresses through 7 reps of three different ranges of motion for a total of 21 repetitions. This method is to challenge themselves, stimulate and promote progress.

An Example of a 21 Rep Routine doing a Pulldown on the Pendulum Lat Combo Pull:

Start by choosing an exercise that one would normally do and perform 7 full repetitions from fully extended to fully contracted.

girl lifting weights
girl lifting weights

7 Reps – Full Repetitions

Once completed, with the same weight and with no rest, immediately begin executing 7 partial repetitions starting from halfway down to full contraction and then back to halfway.

girl lifting weights
girl lifting weights

7 Reps – Halfway Down to Full Contraction

After completion of the 7 reps from halfway down to full contraction and back to halfway up extend the arms to the start position. Immediately, from the fully extended starting position return to halfway down 7 times. Finishing the seventh rep from the halfway position (which will also be the 21st of the total number of reps), return the weight as slowly as possible to the starting position to complete the 21 Rep Routine.

girl lifting weights
girl lifting weights

7 Reps – Start Position to Halfway Down

21 reps can be done with almost any exercise and the order in which you perform the 7 full movements or select the order of the 7 partial movements is up to the coach, lifter or dictated by the type of exercise you choose.

A great way to Get Strong.

Neck Mathematics

Strength training the neck is an important consideration in athletics. The goal is to lower the concussive and subconcussive forces protecting the athlete. Neck development increases the stiffness of the neck’s musculature and over time changes its circumference. Bigger, stiffer and stronger necks are as important as bench pressing, squatting and cleaning weights or any other selected weight training exercise.

The results of increasing the neck’s size can easily be seen by mathematically looking at what happens to a cylinder by increasing its diameter by a few inches.

4 way neck machine

The Pendulum 5-Way Neck

In the following example two cylinders with different diameters support a given load with constant stiffness across the diameter. The load is normal to and evenly distributed over the top. The cylinder is resting on a solid surface, which will be considered of being of infinite stiffness.

Cylinder 1 –  Diameter = 6 in.     Cylinder 2 – Diameter = 8 in.

                      Length = 6 in.                             Length = 6 in.

                      Stiffness = 100 lb/in/in2             Stiffness = 100 lb/in/in2

Applied Load:  100 Lbs. 

Deflection of cylinder 1:

Area = Pi * r2 = Pi * (3in) 2 = 28.27in

Deflection = Pressure/Stiffness = (100lbs/28.27in2 )/(100lbs/in/in2 )  = 0.0354in

Deflection of cylinder 2:

Area = Pi * r2 = Pi * (4in) 2 = 50.26in

Deflection = Pressure/Stiffness = (100lbs/50.26in2 )/(100lbs/in/in2 )   = 0.0199in 

This indicates that for two cylinders with the same properties supporting identical loads a reduction of deflection of 43% is realized by increasing the diameter by 25%.

When you include the increase of stiffness and speed of contraction into an equation the resultant is much more significant.

Great Additions to Any Weight Room

This mathematical example shows how small changes give you big results. Strength training the cylindrical neck adds to its size, stiffness and speed of contraction, which aids in athleticism and protects the athlete in sport.

Get the neck Strong.

Pendulum Joins Colorado State University

Check out our newest Pendulum Strength install – the new Football Strength Training facility of the Colorado State University Rams. This facility is unique and customized to the specifications of CSU’s Strength and Conditioning Coach and is being called one of the best training facilities in the country.

In this video, Tyler Hobson discusses the planning phase that brought this project with CSU to live.

Pendulum Dual Rack XL's at Colorado State University
The Colorado State University weight room featuring the Pendulum Dual Rack XL.

High level shot of the Colorado State University Weight Room
A high level shot of the entire Colorado State University weight room.

Pendulum Dual Rack XL's at Colorado State University
The Pendulum Dual Rack XL featuring our elevated bumper storage as well as our new Folding Synchro Bench.


Elevated bumper storage on the Pendulum Dual Rack XL

Dual Rack XL with built in Pit Shark
Pit Shark’s attach directly to our Pendulum Racks to save space in your weight room.

Our new Folding Synchro Bench
A close up shot of our new Folding Synchro Bench.

Training the neck on the Pendulum 4-Way Neck Machine