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Texas A&M Aggies

Texas A&M Aggies traditions: 12th man, Midnight Yell Practice, Yell Leaders, Wrecking Crew, Reveille, Maroon Out, Fightn’ Texas Aggie Band, The Noble Men of Kyle, Corps of Cadets, Gig ‘em, Aggie Bonfire, Miss Rev — and there was Bear Bryant, The Junction Boys, Gene Stallings, Jackie Sherill, R. C. Slocum, Jimbo Fisher, John David Crow, Dat Nguyen, Johnny Manzeil and now the Pendulum Weight Room.

UMass Football

Umass Weight Room

The University of Massachusetts begins rebuilding their Football Performance Center

University of Massachusetts Weight Room
University of Massachusetts Weight Room
University of Massachusetts Weight Room
The Pendulum Rack System

Longer Or Shorter Lengths

Muscle and strength adaptations seem to be vector and angle specific. Muscles show greater long-term growth compared to other anatomical portions of fibers based on these factors when higher torque is applied. Muscle responses are directly related to the task practiced.

Training at longer muscle lengths is superior to shorter lengths in improving strength and hypertrophy.  Longer lengths alter joint moment arms, which provide a higher level of tension due to the stretch of the muscle and the mechanics of the movement.

Halfway Barbell Curl

Yet, in our system there are multiple muscular groups associated with specific movements and we train these muscular regions many ways with many exercises during workouts. This is important as it is difficult to isolate a specific muscle to elicit maximum adaptations based on vectors, angles and muscle lengths.

The best method of training for the best results is to have the highest torque in the final or initial degrees of movement and continue with a wide variety of exercises, always overloading during workouts – it’s the way we Get Strong!

Fully Range Barbell Curl

Lifting On A Bench

Whether for recreational use, sports performance, bodybuilding or powerlifting the bench press historically has played an important role in development and measurement. The exercise is performed in a variety of manners using a variety of grip widths, ranges of motions, speeds of movement and exercise intensity.

What has been determined through extensive research is that the tricep brachii and pectoralis major have higher activity than anterior deltoid during the movement and the tricep brachii’s activity is most subject to change given the variety of ways the exercise is performed.

The Bench Press – A Great Way to Get Strong


Sometimes changing up how you are performing an exercise accelerates growth. Rest-Pause is a method that many incorporate into their normal routine to enhance muscular strength. Rest-Pause takes a set and breaks it into what are called ‘mini-sets’, as the rest interval which is normally done between sets is done between reps. The selected time of the  rest interval for mini-sets is an educated choice based on rep range and difficulty.

When selecting the Rest-Pause method the athlete utilizes the same weight one would normally do a set with and instead of repeating reps one after another the trainee sets the weight down and rests a chosen length of time between each repetition (the mini-set) – these mini sets continues until a repetition can no longer be performed.


The rep range the athlete is doing is 6-10 repetitions for the Pendulum 3-Way Row as part of his workout. Starting with his current weight 180 pounds, the athlete does 1 repetition and then sets the weight down for a chosen ‘rest and pause’ interval of 5 seconds. After 5 seconds he performs another repetition. This continues with 1 rep and a 5 second rest and pause until the weight can no longer be lifted.

It’s obvious the lifter will be able to do more repetitions than normally could be done, as there is recovery between each rep. This increases the volume of work for the chosen exercise and workout day. If Rest-Pause is used appropriately it will stimulate needed growth.

Pendulum 3-Way Row
Rest-Pause on the Pendulum 3-Way Row

One Is More

The largest muscle of the anterior chest is the pectoralis major. When training, its development is most affected by changing the inclination of the movement. The lower, middle and upper portions, as well as, the anterior deltoid are all active at 0 degrees and most often enhanced using a horizontal bench press type exercise. Raising the pressing movement 30 degrees targets the muscles of the upper portion of the pec’ major. Once above a 45 degree incline, the anterior deltoid becomes more involved, decreasing the activity of the pectoralis muscle making the deltoid more inclusive in flexing the shoulder.

The Pendulum Shoulder/Incline is an absolutely unique exercise machine in the fitness industry. The seat and handles can be adjusted to whatever angle is needed to maximize anterior chest development.

A flat back bench press can be mimicked even though you are sitting in an upright position. With a  quick adjustment the machine becomes an incline or overhead press at almost any angle selected by the trainee.

One machine becomes many – a great way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Training the Chest

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
An Incline Bench Press

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Targeting the Deltoid

Notre Dame Strength & Conditioning

The Notre Dame Athletics Indoor Complex

Friday, February 24th
Saturday, February 25th, 2023

2023 Clinic Speakers

Matt Cates
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Penn High School (IN)

John Wagle
Notre Dame Associate Athletic Director
Sports Performance

Jay Hooten
Northwestern Football Director
Football Performance

Jason Novak
Michigan State University
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Football

Mark Naylor
Arizona Cardinals
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Jason Veltkamp
Western Kentucky Football
Director of Strength and Conditioning Coach Football

Matt Gildersleeve
Kansas Football
Director Sports Performance

Jim Kielbaso
Impact Performance (MI)
President of the IYCA

Shaun Huls
Cleveland Browns
Director of High Performance

Mike Joseph
West Virginia Football
Assistant Athletic Director/ Head Football 
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Clinic Itinerary
Friday, February 24th, 2023
2:00-3:00pm-       Registration & Check-In
3:00-3:15pm-       Opening Remarks
3:15-4:15pm-       Matt Cates
4:30-5:30pm-       John Wagle
5:45-6:45pm-       Jay Hooten

Saturday, February 25th, 2023
7:00-8:00am-        Registration & Check-In
   – Breakfast and Coffee Provided
8:00-9:00am-       Jason Novak
9:10-10:10am-     Mark Naylor
10:20-11:20am-    Jason Veltkamp
11:30-12:30am-    Matt Gildersleeve
12:30-1:45pm-      Lunch/

Sponsor Demonstrations 
   – Lunch Provided
1:45-2:45pm-     Jim Kielbaso
3:00-4:00pm-     Shaun Huls
4:15-5:15pm-     Mike Joseph
5:20pm-             Closing Remarks

Continued Education Units

The clinic will provide CEU’s