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Read The Manual Before You Begin
Important Manual Resistance Considerations: Manual Resistance Rules 1). Each athlete must know and understand the rules. 2). The Lifter begins each exercise with the goal of
The Rules Of Manual Resistance
Important Manual Resistance Considerations: The Rules of Manual Resistance 1). If you use Manual Resistance make sure you and your spotter know and understand
Sprint Running Form And The Test
Coaches and athletes spend a great deal of time on running mechanics.  Utilizing film and having handouts of what you are trying to accomplish
Water, Water, ‘Every Where’
From ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ “Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted
Weighted Dips Take Nerve
The ‘dip‘ exercise is great for the chest, shoulders, triceps and rhomboids. Training this movement regularly can bring the desired physical results. As one
Food For Thought
The human brain utilizes more energy than any other organ in the body. About 1/3 of its energy is used for maintaining cellular health
Manual Labor
It is well understood that muscular strength and functional abilities can be enhanced significantly without the use of barbells or machines by utilizing manual
Eating Less And Maintaining More
To ensure young athletes gain muscle mass coaches provide advice and direction. They set up workouts, have goal meetings, implement training rules, discuss and
Preparation For A Challenge
Crawling through mud, diving into ice water, leaping over fire, scaling giant walls, avoiding barbed wire are just a few of the obstacles you