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get strong

The Rules Of Championship Running
The greatest athletes are less than great if they do not perform optimally.  You can have a difficult running program, but it is not
10 x 53 Yard Drive Sled
Push the Drive Sled from sideline to sideline across the football field.  The rest interval is 1-minute.  Once you can push the Drive Sled
3×50 Workout
In the United States we walk less than any of the Industrialized Nations.  Fitness experts recommend that we should cover 10,000 steps per day,
New Year’s Resolution: Bulk Up to Slim Down
Men produce greater hypertrophy in response to strength training and tend to lose more weight in response to exercise than females do.  The question
Getting Really Gassed
16 Half-Gasser Test With Some Gas                                       
A Little Physiology
High Fat Low Muscle                                        
A Simple Program
Simply Tough * The following is one continuous workout. It is to be done 3 days per week for 5 straight weeks * The
Jumping Into Jumping Rope
Jumping Rope Doesn’t Have To Be Fun Six weeks of Jumping Rope, three workouts per week 1. 500 jumps 2. 10 x 50 jumps
Shock Absorbers For The Upper Torso
Dissipators and Participators Muscle tendons attenuate energy. In other words, tendons reduce the amplitude of the forces imposed upon the musculature. They do this by