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A Little Fast Twitch Physiology
A Little Fast Twitch Physiology The shortening velocity of a two joint muscle is less than that of its-one joint synergist.  When a joint
The Coach’s Daughter
Natural Accelerometers An accelerometer can detect magnitude and direction.  With an accelerometer you can look at G-forces, collisions, monitor activity, complex motions, the uses
Getting The Jump On Plyometrics
Understanding Plyo-jumping Having the ability to make great leaps is often advantageous in sport.  Training to jump higher is a skill that is incorporated
The Mind Matters
The Mind Matters When Producing High Force  In attempts to flex and extend our finger digits maximally, people rarely generate their optimal force, which
The Same Difference
When throwing an object, athletes tend to move their arm parallel with the line of the shoulder. By age 10 years a general guide
100 Yard Shuttles
Times For The 100 Yard Shuttle 100 Yard Shuttle 5/10/15/20 5 yards and back/10 yards and back/15 yards and back/20yards and back OL/DL =
300 Yard Shuttles
A Variety of 300 Yard Shuttles Bryan Miller,  the Head Strength Coach at Oregon State uses the 300 yard shuttle three different productive ways
Give 100% Toward Everything You Put Your Hand To
Give 100% Toward Everything You Put Your Hand To                Mike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for
Something To Think About As You Get Them Strong.
A muscle biopsy is a procedure used to remove and examine a piece of tissue microscopically. Athletes all over the nation that play fall