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get strong

Weighted Chins
When chin-ups become too easy simply add weight to Get Strong. The Pendulum Rack System
Stress Shielding And Stress Relaxation
Pendulum Hip Press Isometric Holds Against the Lockout Limiter The musculoskeletal system is characterized by complex anatomy and apparent muscle redundancy, meaning there is
The L Agility Drill
The L Drill – Cones are set in a L-shape 5 yards apart.  From the starting line sprint 5 yards to the first cone
Become A Star
Set cones #1,3,4 and #5, 10 yards from cone #2 in the form of a star. Rogers Athletic 6” cones are best for this
15 Minutes Of Run – 30 Minutes And Done
Drill #1 For 90 seconds Long Shuttle – From the starting line, sprint 5 yards and back, then 10 yards and back, then 15
Counting Cones
One of the more common agility drills in sport is the 4 corner drill. The variations are numerous, but what is important is that
Catching, Pulling, Pressing
Coaches become proficient in the teaching of catching, pulling and pressing barbells. Technical proficiency of the kinetic and kinematic mechanisms of strength-speed movement is
The Upside Of Uphill
Uphill Running Increases Metabolic Cost When running on level surfaces athletes use their techniques to minimize metabolic cost. Efficient running mechanics allows an athlete
Estimating Your Daily Caloric Needs
Knowing the number of calories you need and expend each day is important in weight management. There are more precise formulas than what is