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get strong

300 Yard Shuttle X2
When fit the athlete runs two consecutive 300 yard shuttles with two minutes rest between events. The goal times are as follows: OL/DL   
The Long 3 Cone Drill
The following is a 3 Cone Drill to improve movement skills.  It is to be done at full speed.  Times to shoot for are
Getting An Edge Up
Edge Training is as follows: The distance to cover is twice around the outside of a football field, this includes running on the outside
Only Your Best
The ability to change direction efficiently is central to multidirectional sports. In the course of a game an athlete is exposed to an endless
Healthy nutrition and physical activity are keys to improving body composition, the musculoskeletal system, physical fitness, cognitive function,  prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus
Being Smart With a Smartphone
There are more than six billion smartphone users worldwide and the time spent using them has steadily increased.  Approximately two thirds of all owners
Outside-In Thinking
Skeletal muscles are essential for physical performance and an important contributing factor in maintaining optimal health throughout life. The body consists of more than
The Modified Flexed-arm Hang
When coaching young athletes male or female, getting them to be able to do chins or pull-ups is often problematic.  Many coaches teach the
Reverse Is Moving Forward
An important tool that should be a part of every training facility is the Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham.  In sport, lower extremity injuries are commonplace: