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get strong

Shoulder Recovery
Since the conception of organized strength training the bench press has been arguably the most popular exercise. It has been an important part of
A Partial Drop For Gains
Set Extension Technology – With Range Limiting Capabilities In the 1940’s Body Culture Magazine published an article about what was described as the multi-poundage
Team Six Trainer
The movable indoor or outdoor, chin and dip trainer adds another dimension to organizing your team’s strength and conditioning program. A great way to
National Institute for Fitness and Sport
The 117,000-square-foot National Institute for Fitness and Sport is located in downtown Indianapolis. NIFS offers full service training, coaching options, fitness assessments, participates in
Gear Up For Perfect Practice
Muscles have gears.  A muscles shape changes during a contraction  and it varies with the force of the contraction. Gearing influences muscle force and
Robotic Hands
Hand strength and the development of its associated musculature is extremely important in sport and life. It cannot be underestimated how necessary it is
Sticking Point
The “sticking point” in a weight training movement refers to a position in a range of motion where there is a large increase in
Gripping The Shoulder
The Journal of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, published a unique article on returning to activity after a shoulder injury – “Effects of hand grip exercise on
Pit Stop
An athlete can accomplish a lot in a morning of training on the multi-purpose Pit Shark.     Overall a ‘Good Morning’ of training