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get strong

Go West, Young Man, Go West’
West Virginia football started in 1891, since then they have accumulated a 727–482–45 record and rank 14th in victories among NCAA FBS programs. They have
Ludington High School
Ludington High School is located in Ludington, Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan. The school’s athletic department just added Pendulum strength equipment to Get
Benton Harbor Football
    The Benton Harbor Pendulum Weight Room Last November, Benton Harbor High School in Benton Harbor, Michigan had their first winning season in
The University Of Michigan
The University Of Michigan To run a comprehensive weight training program you must have head and neck machines to develop all the structures that lower
Bringing Energy into Your Program
In 1850 Alfred Lord Tennyson published , “Ring out, Wild Bells”.  His words, ‘Ring out the old, Ring in the new’, have been a
Rutgers University Weight Room
Rutgers University adds Pendulum strength training equipment to Get Strong. Pendulum 4 Way Neck Machines Pendulum Hip Presses Pendulum 4 Way Head and Neck
Washington Court House
Washington Court House Washington Court House High School is located in Washington Court House, Ohio. The students embrace training and the school built it’s
Iowa State Strength And Conditioning
Iowa State University adds more Pendulum equipment to it’s strength training facility. Pendulum Seated Squats Pendulum Leg Curl, Leg Extension and Reverse Glute/Ham Pendulum
The University Of Maryland
The University of Maryland installs Pendulum Machines to Get Strong.  Pendulum Machines getting ready to leave the factory Pendulum Neck Machines arrive at the