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get strong

Periodically, it is fun, challenging and rewarding to test one’s physical abilities. People who are fit often want to measure themselves by running 5k’s,
Rope Pull Finisher
The Pendulum patented Rope Pull attachment fits all ropes up to 2”. It can be set anywhere up or down the Power Racks stanchion.
A Finisher
100 Yards 5/10/15/20 A Finisher is a challenging exercise regime to be performed at the conclusion of a regular weight lifting session.  A finisher
A Great Way To Finish
Once an athletes exercise routine is completed – time them pulling the rope in both directions. A great way to finish and Get Strong!
Pulling Ropes With Pendulum
Begin the exercise by using the Rope Pull on the Pendulum Lat Combo Pull. Once completed, quickly move to the rope pull on the
Finishing The Biceps
The barbell curl is a fundamental part of a weight training program. Any change in the lever system effects the muscular tension and therefore
Finishing With The Rope Pull
Finishing with the Rope Pull  Using the Rotary Handles on the Pendulum Combo Lat Pulldown Once completed finish with the Pendulum Rope Pulldown Set
Grand Valley State Weight Room
Since their inception, the Grand Valley State Lakers lead the NCAA with the highest overall winning percentage at .734 (353–129–3).  This ability to win
This Is Howie Do It
The University Of Hartford Weight Room