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get strong

Finger Walk To Get Strong
A power grip is a grip formed with the fingers and thumbs act against the palm to transmit force against an object. The Pendulum
Grip Force
The forces applied by the thumb and the four fingers on a hand held object when balanced and normal to the contact surface are
Hand Size
3-Way Row Oversized Grip Handles Research demonstrates  grip force is highly dependent on handle geometry. Normal force and contact area can be explained by the
Strengthening The Strongest Digit
The middle finger (digitus medius) is considered both a limb and a digit. In most people the middle finger is the longest digit on
Neglect Nothing
Grip strength is determined by the interaction of all the fingers working collectively. The muscle contraction of one finger generates tension in others and
Technique And Strong Hands 
When you love weight lifting and become extremely strong it is always fun to display your strength to others or compete in strength events.
Shoulder Grip
Many performance coaches practice what has become known as prehab, a routine of specific exercises at the beginning of their weight lifting program.  This
Wrist Posture
How we hold an object has everything to do with the force our fingers can produce.  Posture of the wrist can change up to
The Cornerstone Of Hand Function
The Interosseous muscles are often forgotten in strength training.  Yet, research tells us they are the cornerstone of hand function and are the key