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Circular Wrist Rollers
In 1841, Sir Joseph Whitworth, an english mechanical engineer and inventor published, A Paper on a Uniform System of Screw Threads.  He presented the
Finger Force Production
Grip strength is affected by many factors, body position, hand placement, arm angle, finger length, finger span and more. Finger forces change involuntarily during
Lateral Pinch Grip Space
In a normal population Grip Strength reaches its maximum somewhere in the 3rd decade of life and tends to decrease around the age of
Testing Grip
There is a significant positive correlation between hand dimensions and handgrip strength. In studies hand grip is the most reliable clinical method of estimating
Maximizing Hand Strength
Power Grip, Pinch Grip, Precision Grip, Ball Grip, Hook Grip, Finger Abduction, Finger Adduction, and Key Grip are some of the terms that anatomists
Self-selected Handgrip Position
There is no question when reviewing the literature there are some hand grip and postural positions that are statistically  advantageous to building strength or
A Women’s Advantage
In a normal population the self-selected hand position to produce maximal grip strength is about 30 degrees of wrist extension. When wrist extension dips
Getting A Grip On Climbing
For the first time Sport Climbing will be a Summer Olympic event and part of the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan. Men and women
Making a Powerful Grip Strong
Multi-finger ab-/adduction is a unique task of strength and coordination, and is much different than other specific grips. The muscles on the inside of