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Grip Strength And The Shoulder Rotator Cuff
A common occurrence especially in contact sports is shoulder pain as a resultant of rotator cuff pathology. People move differently in pain. Pain causes alterations in
Getting The Most Out Of Your Grip Strength
Hand grip strength has a strong correlation with body position, which has implications in training. You can apply the most grip strength while standing,
Sport requires year-round training for excellence. Practicing and playing with limited time off heightens the risk of injury. Programs with numerous tools for training
In the 1950’s the term  ‘gamekeeper’ was used to describe an injury to the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb. It originated as a description
Grip Cart Tools
Men in general have stronger hand-grip strength than women, even when taking into acount lean body mass. Females have different distinct features in hand size and shape and men
Getting A Grip On Life
A person’s chronological age can be quite different from their biological age. Scientists perpetually are on the lookout for the biomarkers that they can
Training The Hands To Get Strong
Hand–grip strength has been identified as one limiting factor for manual lifting and carrying loads. An object’s weight, the actual surface material being lifted and visual
Grip Strength
Grip strength can be used as a tool to have a rapid indication of someone’s general muscle strength. Grip strength is reflective of muscle
Improving Shoulder Strength With Hand Grip
Hand grip exercises can increase shoulder muscle integrity. The supraspinatus muscle is a rotator cuff muscle that helps initiate abduction of the shoulder. The