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Pause When Neck Training
It is indicated through the literature that there is more musculature than degrees of freedom in the head and neck region of our anatomy.
Neck Develop Progressions From 6th Grade To 12th
Neck Develop Progressions from 6th Grade to 12th 6th grade students doing ‘dynamic tension’ neck flexion Laying out a regime for an entire athletic
Manual Resistance
In 1978, 76 strength coaches attended the first National Strength Coaches Association convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, many of these coaches were part time employees.
Training The Upper Trap
Training the superior or upper portion of the trapezius can not effectively be exercised by shrugging or even high pulling. When you are shrugging,
Neck Muscle Strength And Cervical Muscle Activation
In the January, American Journal of Sports Medicine, Effect of neck muscle strength and anticipatory cervical muscle activation on the kinematic response of the head
How To Train Your Neck
Chad Smith is a Head Strength Coach and a part of the High Intensity Team of the Hard Pressed Strength Training Facility in downtown Chicago.
Measuring Neck Circumference
Mike Joseph is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the West Virginia University.  Head and Neck training is an important part of the Mountaineers strength program.
NBC On Head And Neck Training
NBC Chicago Link to News Video!/news/health/Strength-Training-the-Neck-Can-Prevent-Concussions/231345091  Train eight ways on the Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machine to Get the head and neck Strong
Comprehensive Head And Neck Strength Program
The hotbed of proprioception is the head and neck region of our anatomy, all athletes  benefit from training this area.  Inattention to the musculature