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A Tough Band
Absorbing The Impact To The Head And Neck And What The Coach Should Know                     
A Pain In the Neck
If You Don’t Train, It Can Be A Pain In The Neck                        
The Coach Auto Know
Journal of Musculoskeletal Disorders When an article is submitted to a peer reviewed journal, the editors send it out to other scholars in the
The Head The Neck
Marking Your Cam The Pendulum Cam has a unique shape.  The cams adjustment system allows this singular mechanism to train the head musculature, as
Smart Athletes
Keep The Blood Flowing                                        
Text Neck
Text Neck There are over 6 billion connected phones and then there are iPads, Kindles, computer screens and countless devices that we are using
Neck Extension
Training The Back Of The Neck Splenius Capitis and Cervicis, Semispinalis Capitis and Cervicis, the small Spinalis Capitis, Longissimus Cervicis lay underneath the Trapezius
Teeth Clenching
Clench Those Teeth The Infrahyoids are made up of four muscles; three of which attach to the hyoid bone, the omohyoid, the sternohyoid and
The Pendulum Cam
The Pendulum Cam The Pendulum Cam is a rotating mechanical linkage that transforms rotary motion by varying the mechanical resistance to match the muscular