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get strong

Why Stop?
The biomechanical function of individual neck muscles is difficult to characterize. This is true because we are unable to voluntarily activate isolated neck muscles.
Neck Training And BMI
Conventional wisdom suggests that strength training increases body mass index (BMI) in a positive way, but does it? BMI is an estimate of body
Lateral Neck Flexion And Running
High levels of respiratory muscle work must be sustained throughout heavy exercise or will cause respiratory muscle fatigue. There is competition for the limited
Progression Progressive Resistance
Place the face pad in hole number 4 on the Pendulum cam. When properly seated, grasp the handles on the Pendulum 4 or 5-Way
Baseline Strength
When an athlete sustains a concussion a muscle strain is also often involved. Schools and sports teams have protocols that must be followed. Once
A Tip
When training neck extension start the exercise in hole #4 on the Pendulum 4 or 5-Way Neck cam. Sit in the center of the
Biker Musts
The two must exercises for serious bikers are neck extension and protrusion.  Neck and back pain are extremely common in cyclists, occurring in up
Never Overlook Neck Training
The First Job
The human brain is encased in a rigid skull and covered by a muscular scalp, which is surrounded by three layers of membranes and