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Always Include Neck Training 
Make Neck Training Important Part Of What You Do
Women And The 4-Way Neck Machine
As late as the early 1980’s the majority felt strongly that the use of barbells and strength training devices would inhibit athleticism by bulking
A Short Full-length Extension
The occipital bone is a bone that covers the back of the head and is the only bone in the head that connects with
Start From Neutral
When training neck flexion and extension it is most advantageous to start from a neutral position with good posture. In a neutral position the
A Pause In Training
The head and neck muscular system is a complex anatomical structure and has apparent muscle redundancy: that is, more head and neck muscle than
Being Smart With a Smartphone
There are more than six billion smartphone users worldwide and the time spent using them has steadily increased.  Approximately two thirds of all owners
Deep Cervical Extensors
At the deepest layer of the necks cervical extensors is the cervical multifidus and the semispinalis cervicis.  These muscles provide neck support and prevent
Extension, Flexion, Protrusion, Retraction
Flexion and extension are integral parts of any head and neck training program.  This requires that we take into account how the cervical spine
Neck Muscle Redundancy
The neck musculoskeletal system is characterized by complex anatomy and apparent muscle redundancy. Being redundant in the cervical muscular system means there is more