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Locating The Deep Cervical Extensors
It is important to understand the complexity of the physiological system and how muscle groups function under stress and load.  Knowing how to target
Exercising Deep Cervical Flexors
There is more musculature available for movement of the head and neck than degrees of freedom.  This means the number of muscles that generate
Neck Flexion Of The Cervical Spine
The cervical spine is complex and exhibits variable and paradoxical motions.  The behaviors of the cervical joints in response to movement under normal conditions
Gender Strength Training
Women, on average, have less muscle strength than men, yet relative to the cross-sectional area of muscle the strength of men and women is
A Neck Training Program
There is no question that training the neck has a positive impact on performance, overall development, safety and return-to-play. Pendulum Neck Flexion Pausing Each
Progressing By Adding And Subtracting Weight
Set the Pendulum 4 or 5 Way Neck Machine face pad lever arm on the #4 setting. Hold on to the handles with a
The Importance of Training the Head, Neck and Jaw
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) – which is used interchangeably with the term concussion –
Beliefs Linger
In the early stages of the introduction of the strength and conditioning coach in our colleges and universities, the majority felt strongly that the
A Good Reason To Stop When Training
Our neck muscular system is complex and redundant. There are more neck muscles than degrees of freedom, that is more muscle than all the