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Forward Head Posture And The Cell Phone
The issues with the use of cell phones while driving is well documented and regulated. Many studies are now linking cellular technology overuse with sleep
Never Stop Training
There is compelling evidence that exercise is medicine and physical inactivity ‘has profound deleterious effects on health’. Even late in life an increase in physical activity
The Neck And The Bicycle
Swim/bike/run competition originated in the 1920’s in France. In 1974 the first ‘modern triathlon’ was held with 46 participants in San Diego, California. The
Athleticism And The Neck
The respiratory system’s process of inspiration and expiration involves much more than the diaphragm and the internal and external intercostal muscles. The scalene muscles
An Undeveloped Neck Changes The Force
Conventional wisdom suggests that strength training increases body mass index (BMI) in a positive way, but does it? BMI is a simplistic measure of
Attenuation and Dissipation of Force
One of the important functions of strength training has become the development of the muscle and tendon as a unit. The muscle-tendon unit attenuates
A Strength Component In Return-To-Play
The head and neck muscular system is a complex anatomical structure and has apparent muscle redundancy; that is, more head and neck muscle than
Preventative Sports Medicine
Preventative sports medicine is the hallmark of any strength and conditioning program. The first goal of a professional is to develop effective and practical
Train The Entire System
In April of 2018 the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation published “Feasibility and Effect of Cervical Resistance Training on Head Kinematics in