10 Good Reasons Why An Athlete Should Get The Head And Neck Strong                      


1. Lower The Concussive Forces

2. Enhance The Ability To Move The Head Quickly

3. Increase The Maximum Oxygen Uptake By Strengthening The Musculature That Elevates The Rib Cage

4. Increase The Blood Flow To and From The Brain To Become More Effective At Cooling

5. Stretch And Strengthen The Suboccipitol Muscles To Lengthen The Hamstrings

6. Reduction Of Headaches Due To Weakened Head Muscles

7. Increased Balance And Athleticism By Training The Hot Bed Of Proprioception

8. Increase The Ability To Jump Higher

9. Have An Ongoing Strength Measurement So An Athlete Can  Safely Return To Play After Head And/Or Neck Trauma

10. Dramatically Increase Strength To Bench, To Press, To Squat, Or Just Get Strong

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