Push the Drive Sled from sideline to sideline across the football field.  The rest interval is 1-minute.  Once you can push the Drive Sled across the field 10 consecutive times in 15 seconds or under add weight.

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Rogers Drive Sled

Team Training

To perform the above in a team setting use a maximum of 5 athletes with each Drive Sled. The one minute rest interval remains the same, as well as keeping the push time at 15 seconds.

* Start with 3 athletes on one sideline and 2 athletes directly across on the opposite sideline

* One of the 3 athletes begins by pushing the sled across the field in 15 seconds or less

* This athlete will rest exactly 1 minute after completion

* Each team member will push during the first athletes 1-minute rest interval

* Continue the drill untill all athletes have performed 10 trips across the field 

* The total drill time takes exactly 10 1/2 minutes per team

* When a team can complete the task in the alloted time the weight is raised for that group. 

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Use the Drive Sled to Get Strong