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20 Yard Conditioning

Often athletes are asked to remain in shape when on vacation or away from their prospective program for a few weeks.  A simple plan and a 20 yard area whether it is on a football field, at a park or on the beach will Get it Done.

All you need is a yard stick to measure 20 yards marked off in 5 yard increments, a stop watch and motivation.

Time each drill.  Run each drill at full-speed.  Lean through the line at the finish.  Rest 3x the time it takes to do each drill.  All drills are done twice.

1.  Forward sprint to backward run, 4x in 20 yards.

2.  Forward sprint to shuffle, 4x in 20 yards.

3.  In the 20 yard area forward sprint followed by a down/up between the 5 and 10 yd line and another after crossing the 15 yard line, sprint through the finish.

4.  Carioca 50 steps in 20 yards.

5.  Shuffle to backward run, 3x in 20 yards.

6.  Down/up to shuffle to backward run, 2x in 20 yards.

7.  Bear crawl 5 yards, sprint to the 15 yard line and do 10 push ups and sprint to the finish.

8. 10 sit ups followed by back pedalling to the 15 yard line turning and sprint through the 20 yard line.

9.  Bear crawl 5 yards followed by 10 push ups and 10 sit ups, bear crawl 5 yards followed by 10 push ups and 10 sit ups, bear crawl 5 yards followed by 10 push ups and 10 sit ups, bear crawl 5 yards through the finish followed by 10 push ups and 10 sit ups stand up as quick as possible.  This also is a full speed drill.

10.  Backward run 20 yards, carioca 20 yards, shuffle 20 yards, sprint 20 yards. These four 20 yard runs are done in sequence without rest. The four runs are considered one drill and are to be done twice.

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