2014 Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic

Minnesota football

May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 - 9:00 to 5:00

$30 Per Day - Full Clinic is 2 days $60 - No CEU's for Student

Bring Student ID's

Bierman Athletic Building - University of Minnesota

516 15 Ave 15th SE, Minneapolis MN 55455

Current List of Speakers - More to Come

Henk Kraaijenhof - World Renowned Speed and Performance Coach-
Improving Sprinting Speed: The three phases of the race, how to train for them, and case studies for these situations

Rick Brunner – Sport Performance Nutrition Scientist- Explosive Ergogenic Aids for Athletes Part 1

Eric Klein – University of Minnesota Head Football Strength Coach
Long Term Training Football - Freshman to Senior

Minnesota Gopher Strength Clinic

Chad Pearson - University of Minnesota Head Assistant Football Strength Coach
Practical Training for Speed Development

Chuck Lobe -Florida Atlantic Head Strength Coach
Triphasic for Novice Lifting Athletes: Modifications and Implementation

Jay Demayo - - Head Basketball Strength Coach University of Richmond
A Case Study in a Simplistic System

Dustin Perry - University of Minnesota Assistant Football Strength Coach
How to Better Test Your Athletes for the Demands of their Sport

Shea Thompson - University of Minnesota Assistant Football Strength Coach
Movement Breakdown and Special Strength Training for the Quarterback

Ben Schumacher - University of Minnesota Assistant Football Strength Coach
Uncovering "Sports Specific" Training

Minnesota strength clinic

Dan Warnke - University of Minnesota Assistant Strength Coach What's Wrong with the Current State of Soccer Training?

Stephen Volek - University of Minnesota Assistant Strength Coach
Outlying Variables in the Acquisition of Sport Skills

Gold & Gopher

Thomas Miller – Hopkins High School Head Strength Coach
Triphasic Application For High School Athletes

Cal Dietz - University of Minnesota Strength Coach
Undulating Periodization and Triphasic Training Methods

Carson Randal – Head Assistant Strength Coach Florida Atlantic University
Specific Power Lifting Methods that Transfer into Sports Performance

Performance Clinic

Josh Beauregard – Iowa State Strength Coach
360 Degree's of Influence within a Collegiate Program: Leadership, Communication, and Adaptation

Scott Hintz – Head Strength Coach Catalyst Performance
How to Get Athletes, Sport Coaches, and Athletic Directors to Buy into your Program.

Ryan Johnson Head Strength Coach Wayzata
Everyone Stronger

Andy Zalaiskalns – Strength Coach US Special Forces

Mike Gittleson – Former Head Football Strength Coach University of Michigan
A Strong Lesson in Training: How to Train the Head, Neck, and Jaw Without Weights to Lower Subconcussive Forces.

Minnesota strength

Gary Boros - Head Strength Coach Bemidji State University
Programming for the Beginner Strength Coach

Landon Evans - University of Iowa
Training Interventions Aided by Technology

Jonathon Janz
Primer on the Sport of Weightlifting: Applications for Strength and Conditioning

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Alex Luhring
The Four Pillars of a Strength Coach

Scott O’Dell East Central University-
Efficient techniques and implementations to simultaneously achieve injury prevention while increasing sports performance

Carrie Peterson University of Minnesota
Performance Sports Nutrition "Musts”

Minnesota Golden gophers

Scott Sahli – Burnsville High School -NSCA
Primer on the Sport of Weightlifting: Applications for Strength and Conditioning

Bryan Mann - University of Missouri
Velocity Based Training

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Pendulum 5-Way Neck