Doug Scott is the strength coach for the Pingry School in New Jersey.  His program is organized and well thought out.  Periodically he introduces a new routine for short periods of time to stimulate his athletes, increase their interest and provide challenging tasks.

Hip Press

All photos courtesy of Hard Pressed-Chicago

Pendulum Hip Press 

3 x 3 Workout

Doug explains, this is a workout I learned years ago from a coach at Princeton University, called the 3x3.  This Routine involves 3 exercises performed in a high intensity fashion and repeated for 3 sets with little rest.  If done correctly with a high level of focus and effort this workout is extremely demanding and productive.  Give it a try. 

Leg Press  x 20

Dips x Max

Chins x Max

Leg Press x 15

Dips x Max

Chins x Max

Leg Press x 12

Dips x Max

Chins x Max

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Pendulum Power Rack Adjustable Dip



This is an example, feel free to substitute exercises.  Work hard and strive for improvement as it is a a great way to Get Strong.