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300 Yard Shuttle X2

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When fit the athlete runs two consecutive 300 yard shuttles with two minutes rest between events. The goal times are as follows:

OL/DL                52 seconds averaged

OLB/LB/TE       48 seconds averaged

QB/FB/K           47 seconds averaged

RB/WR/DB       46 seconds averaged

The Shuttle is ran as follows:

  1. The shuttle is a series of (5) 60 yard sprints.

  2. Start at the goal line.

  3. The athlete touches each line with either foot changing direction as quickly as possible.

  4. Upon completion of the 5th 60 yard sprint, which is 300 yards the time is recorded.

  5. Rest – 2 minutes 

  6. Run shuttle #2 again & record the time.

  7. The average of the two shuttles is the player’s time.
    Example: Run #1- 49.5 seconds, Run#2 – 54.5 seconds
    Average time and future goal time = 52 seconds

The 300 Yard Shuttle X2


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