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3×5 = 15 Different Positions

A man using Pendulum to strength train

Pendulum strength training machines are designed with Set Extension Technology. S.E.T. allows for quick adjustments of the range of motion of an exercise.  On the Pendulum 3-Way Row an athlete can train in 5 different positions from fully extended to very short partial movements, using any one of 3 different handles to augment strength in areas of the upper back and torso.

Muscle activation varies with the joint angle during exercise. Performing a movement at a limited range allows for a heavier weight as there is a leverage advantage.  A heavier load heightens mechanical tension on the musculature.

Partial Movements on the Pendulum 3- Way Row

S.E.T. technology also allows for the training methodology deemed ‘drop sets’. In this case drop sets are performed, not by reducing weight as failure occurs, but by keeping the load the same and shortening the range of motion during a set of an exercise. Training in this fashion is a powerful muscle fiber stimulator.

SAGE Open Medicine is a peer-reviewed open access journal. In 2020 they published a review of the literature regarding training, Effects of range of motion on muscle development during resistance training interventions: A systematic review. Looking at all the literature they concluded: “Given that mechanical tension is purported to be the primary driver of resistance trained – induced muscle hypertrophy, it is conceivable that performing some heavy training in a shortened range of motion in combination with full range of motion training may elicit alterations in intracellular signaling that positively modulate long-term muscle protein accretion. Moreover, there is evidence that employing partial ROM training with heavy loads enhances the ability to use more weight during full range movements. Theoretically, this may serve to augment hypertrophy by increasing the amount of tension placed on muscles over time.”

Limited motion – increases not limits your gains when training to Get Strong.



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