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4440 Yards

What’s Wrong With Good Old Yards

In the 1970’s American tracks were converted to metrics for track record purposes and the 440 yard dash or quarter mile became the 400 meter dash.  400 meters is shorter than 440 yards.  A 400 meter dash is 437.445 yards.  To convert the results of a 440 yard time to a 400 meter dash, subtract 0.3 seconds.

Spending time early in the off season training middle distance is a positive for a football player. Here are some times and goals that athletes can accomplish.  What makes it fun is that the times are very fair and are from almost 40 years ago.  Today’s athlete are bigger, faster and stronger so it should be a piece of cake and also interesting to the runner as athletes could accomplish 4440 yard workouts in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Times for each work-bout             Rest Interval 60 Seconds      

OL & DL                                   The Rest Of  The Team

1. 2:30                                    1. 2:20

2. 2.25                                    2. 2.15

3. 2.20                                    3. 2.10

4. 2.15                                    4. 2.05

5. 2.10                                    5. 2.00

6. 2.05                                    6. 1.55

7. 2.00                                    7. 1.50

8. 1.55                                    8. 1.45

9. 1.50                                    9. 1.40

10. 1.45                                  10. 1.35

When the athlete completes the above workout he has run 2 1/2 miles at a solid pace.  Once the athlete successfully makes each time in all 10 runs, the times are dropped 5 sec in each of the 10 dashes.  The modern athletes are rewarded with a 0.3 second cushion for each lap as tracks are now 400 meters.

Try this routine 2-3 days per week for 5-6 weeks at the beginning of the off season to Get Strong.

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