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5 Yard Agility Program

Training athletes to become proficient at specific drills by mimicking the patterns they do over and over in competition is part of a well conceived agility program.  There are also particular agility tests that athletes must practice, as coaches and teams use these tests to evaluate their abilities and talent.  Endless possibilities of movements and body positions are part of competition.  Constructing an agility program with this in mind will enhance an athletes abilities.

As important as the development of movement patterns in a program is the effort given by the athlete in each drill.  Agility is not a jog or middle distance.  Agility is a stop and go, twist and turn, bend and hop, shuffle and leap, backpedal and drop all out sprint.  There is one speed when doing each agility drill ……..FULL.

The 5 Yard Agility Program is easy to set up.  It was created to be done by one person, in groups, or together as a team.  

Place six cones or objects (t-shirts) 5 yards apart, in the manner illustrated below.  The distance between the row of cones 1, 2 & 3 and cones 4, 5 & 6 is also 5 yards. 

drill set up

Run the following drills either by sprinting, backward running, shuffling or carioca.  Some drills also may include hopping over the object or quick stepping.  The drills shown are by no means all the possible combinations you may do or the order they should be done in. Drills can be started in a position stance, on the ground facing a cone, laying on ones back, on a knee or any conceivable position.  Running can start from right to left or left to right or done in any other manner.  Be innovative and configure your own drills, adding or subtract cones as needed.  Each drill must be run at full speed and finished leaning forward to win.

Example 5 Yard Agility Program:

Drill # 1   8

describe the image

Sprint a figure 8 twice.  Start at cone #5 sprint around cone#2.  Do the drill twice.

Drill #2   Low L

drill L

Sprint a Low L.  Start at cone #5.  Sprint around cone #6 and back to cone #5.  Turn and sprint around cone #2 and back to cone #5. 

Drill #3  Hop Shuffle

drill hop

Hop over the cone bringing your knees to your chest.  Lateral shuffle quickly between cones.  Hop again.  Continue for 30 seconds.  Count reps.

Drill #4  Hop Sprint

describe the image

Hop over the cone bringing your knees to your chest.  Sprint between cones.  Hop again. Continue for 30 seconds.  Beat the reps in drill #3.

describe the image

Drill #5  V

Drill V

Sprint to cone #3.  Carioca to cone #1.  Backward run to cone#5.

Drill #6  V Hop

Drill V Hop

Sprint to cone #3.  Hop over it with knees to chest.  Carioca to cone #2.  Hop over it knees to chest.  Sprint to cone #1 and hop over it.  Backward run to cone#5.

describe the image

Drill #7  Carioca V

describe the image

Carioca to cone #1.  Carioca to cone #3.  Carioca to cone#5.

Drill #8  Backward V 

describe the image

Backward run to cone #1.  Backward run to Cone #3.  Backward run to cone#5

Drill #9  Shuffle V

describe the image

Shuffle to cone #3.  Shuffle to Cone #1.  Shuffle to cone#5

Drill  #10  4 Corner Spin

drill 4 corner spin

From cone #5 sprint to cone #6.  Spin and sprint to cone #3.  Spin and sprint to cone #2. Spin and sprint to cone #5.

Drill  #11  Triangle

drill triangle

Sprint to Cone #4.  Sprint to cone #1.  Sprint to cone #5.

Drill #12  Sprint Hop

drill sprint hop

Hop over cone #5 knees to chest.  Sprint to cone # 4 hop knees to chest. Sprint to cone #1 and hop.  Sprint to cone # 2 and hop with knees to chest.  Sprint to #6 hop and finish at Cone#5.

Drill #13   Star 

drill star

Add one cone.  Start in the center at #7 touch cone #5 and return and touch cone #7. Touch cone #4 return and touch cone #7.  Touch cone #1 and return and touch cone #7. Touch cone #2 and finish at cone #7.  Perform the drill twice.

Drill #14   N

drill N

Sprint from cone #5 to cone #2.  Sprint from cone #6 to cone #3 and finish.

Drill #15  Skier

drill skier

Hop, back and forth, over cone #5 for 1 minute.  Count repetitions.

Drill #16. Shuffle Step Over 

drill shuffle hop

Step over, back and over cone #5 and shuffle to cone#6.  Step over, back and over cone #6 and shuffle to cone #3.  Step over, back and over cone #3 and shuffle to cone#2.  Step over, back and over cone #2 and shuffle to cone#1.  Step over, back and over cone #1 and shuffle to cone #4.  Step over, back and over cone #4 and shuffle to cone #5.

Rest intervals are to be set by the coach or athlete based on fitness. 

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