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6 Weeks To Bench Press Testing

The following is a program to prepare for a bench press repetition test.  Begin the program six weeks prior to testing.  On testing week, that is, the sixth week have the athletes do Day #1 only. The athletes rest until being tested on Day #3.

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Day #1 

After warming up the lifters goal is 3 sets of 5 repetitions.  When this is accomplished the weight is raised 10 pounds.

The Rule: Day one is a 3×5 routine, but the athlete must also achieve 15 reps in the workout.

If the lifter does not get 3 sets of 5, the repetitions missed must be made up.  Example: the athlete achieves 5 reps, 5 reps and 3 reps in a workout this means they are 2 reps down. The athlete in this example achieved a total of 13 reps out of the needed 15.  The lifter must stay at the bench press until 2 more repetitions are accomplished.

Day #2

The starting weight for the second day of training is a weight that the athlete has previously achieved 12-15 reps with great effort.  Using this weight the routine begins by doing 5 reps. Once this set is completed the weight is increased 10 pounds and the lifter again does 5 repetitions.  Continue the program of 5 reps and adding 10 pounds until 5 reps no longer can be achieved.  Unable to accomplish the rep count of 5 the athlete decreases the weight 10 pounds and once again has a goal of 5 reps each set until the weight drops back to the starting weight.  At the starting weight the lifter does as many reps as possible.

For the next five weeks the starting weight never changes.

Day #3

After warming up the athlete uses the weight he or she will be using on the repetition bench press test.  Four sets of as many reps as possible are to be accomplished.

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