When You Are Flying Around The Weight Room Take Your Trip On A 747                    


rowMike Whitman was an intern at the Gordon Institute for Sport Performance.  He currently works at FX Studios and the Under Armour Combine Training Center in Baltimore. Mike describes the 747.

747s:  Begin by performing 7 repetitions of a weight that is challenging, meaning you can probably achieve 8 or 9 reps with this load with effort.  Upon completion of the set rest 30 seconds, then perform 4 reps of a higher weight (15 pounds heavier for the upper body and 25 for the lower) once again rest 30 seconds.  Remove the added weight and then perform 7 reps with the original beginning weight that you selected.  If performed properly the last few reps of the last set will be very very challenging.

When you are able to achieve 7-4-7 with excellent form, that is pausing at the top of each repetition and controlling the decent of the weight, add 5-10 pounds to your starting weight the next workout.

747s are a great way to get athletes to gut out reps and test their mental toughness.  Try this protocol on the seated row and Get Strong.


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