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8 Minutes Of Team Strength Building

8 Minutes Of Team Strengthening

Test all your athletes for the maximum number of push-ups they can perform in one attempt. Once accomplished double each athlete’s test score (volume) and divide each result by 8 and round up.


Test Result        Volume          Goal

100 reps =   200 divided by 8   =  25

50 reps   =   100 divided by 8   =  13

40 reps   =    80 divided by 8   =  10

30 reps   =    60 divided by 8    =   8

20 reps   =    40 divided by 8     =  5

10 reps   =    20 divided by 8    =   3

At the end of each team run begin the 8 minute team push-up program.  All push-ups must be completed with excellent form.  The rep goal for each athlete is based upon their individual test score.  The team will do 8 sets with 50 seconds rest.  All athletes begin in unison and once the athlete completes their goal they quickly stand.  If an athlete cannot achieve the designated number of reps on any set, with the greatest of effort, they must immediately also stand (e.g. an athlete’s goal is 13 and they achieve 11 they are done and must quickly stand up).  The clock begins the 50 second rest period when all athletes are on their feet.  At 45 seconds the coach commands ‘down’, and all athletes immediately assume the ‘up’ push-up position -4- 3- 2 – and the coach announces begin! 8 sets are performed.

Once 8 sets are completed the athletes quickly total the number of reps they need to make-up if they did not match their targets in each of 8 sets.

Example:  An athlete tested 30 reps, their volume is 60 and their target is 8 reps each set. On set 7 they achieved 7 reps and on set 8 they achieved 6 reps.  The athlete is therefore 3 reps down from their target volume of 60 total reps.

After the 8th set all athletes are on their feet, in 45 seconds the coach announces ‘make-up reps’.  All athletes that have failed to complete their target volume immediately get into the push-up position and at the 50 second mark begin make-up. When they complete their volume they immediately jump to their feet and join the standing team.

All athletes who complete the exact designated repetitions for each of 8 sets add 1 push-up to their goal in each set the next workout.

A great way to Get your team Strong.

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