The Pendulum Grip Cart

Teaching punching and grabbing, grasping and gripping can all part of utilizing the Rogers Athletic Pendulum Grip Cart.


Program Design

Strengthening the muscles of the head, neck and traps should be a priority for everyone involved in competitive athletics.


The Grip Cart

There are basic anatomical classifications of the types of ways our hands and fingers interact with objects - power grip, pinch grip, precision grip, hook grip, ball grip and finger abduction and adduction - are standards of interactions that must be addressed when designing exercise protocols


Grip Cart

When your hands are strong, you are strong. In athletics, thehands grab a stick, bat, ball or adversary. In contact sports like football and wrestlin


Direct Stretching

A reliable hand-held dynamometer was used to determine the end point of range of motion (ROM) before and after the application of a treatment.