Football Coaches Huddle

The Football Coaches Huddle is open to all high school and middle school football coaches, strength and conditioning professionals, sports performance staff and personal trainers.


Strong Fingers

Injuries to the ulnar side of the hand exhibit a great loss in overall grip strength.


Mighty Raiders

Assembling the Pendulum Power Racks for the Lumberton High School Raiders in Lumberton Texas.


Ohio State Clinic

The Ohio State football Clinic will take place in the football weight room in the Lex Wexner Football Complex at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center


Getting Really Gassed

16 Half-Gasser Test • Start in position-specific stance behind football field sideline • Sprint across field to opposite sideline; touch with foot


Why We Do What We Do

There are many reasons why a strength coach would have his athletes strengthen the muscles of the head and neck.