Shoulder Fly, Lateral Raise, Side Lateral Raise

Though a powerful abductor of the arm, when you study the medial or middle deltoid during a side lateral raise with electromyography (EMG), you find the rate of fatigue is faster then the other shoulder, trap and scapula muscles.



To Get your athletes Strong make sure all your coaches and athletes use the same landmarks throughout your facility.


The Workshop

As a strength and conditioning coach we have the responsibility to prepare our athletes for the demands and rigors of their sport.



Power forward Andrew Nicholson, Atlantic 10 Player of the year, who help lead St. Bonaventures to the NCAA tournament, was taken as a first round NBA pick by the Orlando Magic.


Activity And Success

If you do not have neck machines to train the head and neck musculature then you must do manual resistance.


Some Gains Mean Losses

From a metabolic point of view almost all human studies suggest that a lack of sleep ( your sleep debt) favors an increase in body mass due to hunger.