The Coach's Daughter

What was interesting was as each subject raised a fatiguing arm they would accompany this with a shift of their body's center of mass to decrease the the load on the fatigued musculature.


The New Core C1-T12

The fact of the matter is that while the muscles of the midsection are important and need to be trained productively, they should not be your number one priority in training.



747s are a great way to get athletes to gut out the last few reps, and test their mental toughness.


Watching A Lot Of Film

prolonged bouts of sitting time and lack of whole-body muscular movement are strongly associated with obesity, abnormal glucose metabolism, diabetes,


A Little Physiology

What is very interesting and all strength coaches should know and understand is that stride frequency showed only a minor change and the swing time of the leg was virtually unaffected by aging.


Building A Weight Room

When You Build The Weight Room Start With The  4 or 5 Way Neck To Protect The Athlete   Preventitive Sports Medicine Is The Firs


Neck Extension

Young athletes, particularly females use a strategy of pushing their chests forward to do neck extension