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get strong

Pulldown Pullover
The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull has four separate handles plus a thick bar grip.  The handles can be inserted quickly and adjusted for shoulder
Catching, Pulling, Pressing
Coaches become proficient in the teaching of catching, pulling and pressing barbells. Technical proficiency of the kinetic and kinematic mechanisms of strength-speed movement is
Finger Walk To Get Strong
A power grip is a grip formed with the fingers and thumbs act against the palm to transmit force against an object. The Pendulum
The Upside Of Uphill
Uphill Running Increases Metabolic Cost When running on level surfaces athletes use their techniques to minimize metabolic cost. Efficient running mechanics allows an athlete
Grip Force
The forces applied by the thumb and the four fingers on a hand held object when balanced and normal to the contact surface are
Manage Pain
The range of motion of knee extension covering almost all in a population is 155 degrees to -10. A normal range of motion for
Making An Impact
Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals. They provide first aid, evaluate injuries, implement rehabilitation, develop injury prevention programs, apply tape, bandages,
Fartlek – Speed Play – Changing Mindset
What you think is what you become. The way that you think about your effort is what really counts. If you can accept that
Estimating Your Daily Caloric Needs
Knowing the number of calories you need and expend each day is important in weight management. There are more precise formulas than what is