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get strong

The Changing Seat Height
When being evaluated an athlete stands tall to obtain the true measure of his or her height if not, measurements could vary in accuracy.
Twenty Yard Shuttle Run
The following is a twenty yard shuttle drill to improve movement skills. It is to be done at full speed. The times to shoot
300 Yard Shuttle X2
When fit the athlete runs two consecutive 300 yard shuttles with two minutes rest between events. The goal times are as follows: OL/DL   
Rotate In Three Planes
Supination and pronation of the forearm is not a simple motion, but a complex motion with rotation and translation. The movement depends on two bones,
Getting Started
A Four Set Program based on percentages if the trainee can bench press 70 pounds or more for 4 repetitions. To set up the
Pull-up By Pulling Down
The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull has a variety of handles that are easy to change and by varying the placement the same handle can
The Long 3 Cone Drill
The following is a 3 Cone Drill to improve movement skills.  It is to be done at full speed.  Times to shoot for are
Think Resistance
Based on the current literature resistance training appears to have positive effects on cognition. Resistance training programs in general focus on improving these two factors,
In biomechanics the degrees of freedom is equal to the total number of independent directions or aspects of motion. The neck has >25 pairs