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A Short Full-length Extension
The occipital bone is a bone that covers the back of the head and is the only bone in the head that connects with
Start From Neutral
When training neck flexion and extension it is most advantageous to start from a neutral position with good posture. In a neutral position the
A Pause In Training
The head and neck muscular system is a complex anatomical structure and has apparent muscle redundancy: that is, more head and neck muscle than
Being Smart With a Smartphone
There are more than six billion smartphone users worldwide and the time spent using them has steadily increased.  Approximately two thirds of all owners
Get 10 Reps Or Do 20 Reps 
To Begin the Program: Find a weight that you can initially do 8 perfect repetitions with.  The repetition range will be 8-10. Adding Weight:
Outside-In Thinking
Skeletal muscles are essential for physical performance and an important contributing factor in maintaining optimal health throughout life. The body consists of more than
Strength Society
The Strength Society is located at 219 W, Chicago Ave in the River North Neighborhood. The Strength Society Coches work one-on one with clients
When You Are In Akron
Forever Fitness 24 located in Akron, Ohio is a 24 hour fitness, training and tanning facility.  The Forever Fitness mission is to “provide exceptional
An Ounce Of Prevention
Bouts of neck pain are prevalent throughout society: pillows, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, soft collars, ice and heat, stretching, yoga, posture, physical therapy, chiropractors