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get strong

The Rope
Historically, the rope was one of the greatest inventions of its time.  There is actual evidence of a three-ply cord from a Neanderthal site
Pulling vs Pushing
In general women have struggled with pull-ups and chin-ups.  Examining the literature it has been found the typical healthy active woman’s pushing muscular is
One of the largest muscles in the body in surface area is the latissimus dorsi, in the exercise world they are simply called ‘lats’. 
The Nehring Squat
Sixteen miles from Lower Manhattan in the Village of South Orange, New Jersey lies Seton Hall University. The Seton Hall pirates participate in the
Hard Work
Periodically prolonging the muscle time under tension to obtain complete muscle fibre recruitment is a strategy used by coaches in strength training.  Complete muscle
Overload Effort
Athletes often love their sport because of the effort it takes to play it. Effort adds value to our goals.  People even derive value
Welcome To The Wildcat Nation
Rabun County High School  located in Tiger, Georgia installs the Pendulum Rack System. Getting Strong in Tiger
Get Strong
Frontiers in Physiology published, “Resistance Exercise Training as a Primary Countermeasure to Age-Related Chronic Disease.”  After a systematic review the researchers concluded “Rather than
Thinks Too Much
Making split-second decisions in athletics is a game changer.  The reaction time is crucial.  The reaction time may be defined simply as the time