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Superficial Neck Flexor Substitution
There is more muscle in your neck than degrees of freedom. Degrees of freedom refers to the numerous ways you can move your head
Strengthening Health Issues
There are some 50 pairs of muscles and many nerves used to receive, prepare and move food to the stomach. Dysphagia is a medical term used
Electromyography, The Bench Press, The Chest Press
The Public Library of Science (PLoS ONE) published, “A systematic review of surface electromyography analysis of the bench press movement task.” After reviewing 3847
The Pendulum Gripper And Powerlifting
In a study by Schoffstall et al., presented at Southeastern Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Regional 46 Conference they observed nearly
Train The Hips
In the Journal of Athletic Training in November of 2017 the following study was presented, Hip Strength as a Predictor of Ankle Sprains in Male Soccer
Pendulum Shoulder/Incline And More
How about having an exercise machine that you can shoulder press, incline press and can do a bench press on! A great way to Get
Forward Head Posture And The Cell Phone
The issues with the use of cell phones while driving is well documented and regulated. Many studies are now linking cellular technology overuse with sleep
Flexor Digitorum Profundis
With your hand open, palm up and the thumb pointed as if you are hitch hiking you can see and palpitate, the flexor digitorum profundis on
A Little Higher For The Tall Tall Folks
The length of the femur is measured in several ways, often from it’s femoral head at the proximal end to its medial condyle at