Skill Perfection

Countless practice hours are required to acquire a specific function, and countless hours are needed to maintain it, yet these gained neural patterns are never permanent.


When You Are On A Roll

Foam rolling has become commonplace and is used for various purposes - warm-up, recovery, range-of-motion, pain reduction, and more - yet this relatively simple activity has far reaching complex and synergistic resultants.


Incline To Make Changes

Gaining knowledge of the neuromuscular activity when adjusting heights of a utility bench, using barbell versus a dumbbell and hand placement on a bar may benefit athletes returning from rehabilitation or experiencing pain during lifting.


Evaluating Effort

With manual training a coach is able to have hands on evaluation of an athlete’s effort while performing each repetition.


A Sudden Shock

Sudden flexion of the jaw musculature triggers the muscles of the upper cervical spine to tighten in an attempt to support the head and care for the vertebrae.