Train The Hips

The Pendulum Hip Press is the only leg press that has been specifically designed to target and strengthen the muscles that control hip movement.


Forward Head Posture And The Cell Phone

Physicians, therapists, trainers and physical educators are becoming concerned that increased muscle activity in the neck–shoulder region when texting or surfing on a smartphone increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.


Flexor Digitorum Profundis

The flexor digitorum profundis flexes the joints of the index, middle, ring and little fingers. To effectively train this muscle the Pendulum Power Grip Pro is the perfect tool to Get Strong.


A Little Higher For The Tall Tall Folks

The Michigan State Basketball team's athletes are much taller than the general population and they wanted their Pendulum Machine to accommodate their specific needs. They had Rogers customize their Pendulum 3-Way Row.


Never Stop Training

Even late in life an increase in physical activity has striking benefits. Never stop training to stay strong and promote healthy aging.


Getting A Grip On Grip Strength

Knowing that each finger's power changes how you can hold on to, control or manipulate something, it is important to target each finger systematically during training.


The Neck And The Bicycle

The neck is among the most common overuse injuries in cyclists. When preparing for biking, swimming, running or any sport, make sure head and neck is always an important part of your exercise program. Get Strong and Stay Strong to finish Strong.