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The Most Important Exercise
In March of 2014, The American Journal of Sports Medicine published, Effect of neck muscle strength and anticipatory cervical muscle activation on the kinematic response
Pendulum Strength at Alma College
Custom Logo plates sit atop each of the Dual Racks. Pendulum Power Squat Pro Pendulum Leg Curl Pendulum Power Stacks with free standing modular
When Being Neutral Is An Advantage
The semispinalis muscles are a group of three muscles located in the back of the cervicothoracic spine. These large and long muscles are involved in rotation,
Don’t Drop Drop-sets From Your Program
In April of this year the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness published – Effects of drop set resistance training on acute stress indicators and
MVP | DRIVE highlighted on KTLA morning show
Rogers MVP | DRIVE was featured on KTLA this morning along with our friends at Harvard-westlake where they discussed features, and safety aspects of
Lateral Neck Flexion And Leverage
Training the head and neck is complex and leverage must be managed. In head and neck exercises we often use our traps and torso to
Deep Neck Flexors
The deep cervical neck flexor muscles longus capitis, longus colli, rectus capitis anterior, rectus capitis lateralis are not only important neck stabilizers and postural
Neck Muscle Strength
On January 31, 2014 the American Journal of Sports Medicine published an article on neck strength titled, Effect of Neck Muscle Strength and Anticipatory Cervical Muscle Activation on
The One-Arm Overhead Press
In overhead pressing movements the humeral head is pushed towards the socket. Depending how an object is held the joint space can be increased