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Ludington High School
Ludington High School is located in Ludington, Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan. The school’s athletic department just added Pendulum strength equipment to Get
Wrestling With Neck Strength
In the Journal of Clinical Sports Medicine it was reported that the risk of a collegiate wrestler sustaining some type of neck injury to be 20% for
Eating Less And Maintaining More
To ensure young athletes gain muscle mass coaches provide advice and direction. They set up workouts, have goal meetings, implement training rules, discuss and
Don’t Forget To Be In Cincinnati
Benton Harbor Football
    The Benton Harbor Pendulum Weight Room Last November, Benton Harbor High School in Benton Harbor, Michigan had their first winning season in
Spring Practice Wrap-up
The MVP-DRIVE Mobile Tackling dummy has spent the majority of the last few months traveling the US and practicing with many well known programs.
Don’t Miss The Best Clinic Of The Year
In 2015 in the Journal of Medicine Science and Sport researchers found that if you suffer a concussion the risk of a lower body injury
The University Of Michigan
The University Of Michigan To run a comprehensive weight training program you must have head and neck machines to develop all the structures that lower
Pittsburgh Steelers Testing the MVP | DRIVE Mobile Tackling Dummy
Last week I wrote about a robot that may train the next ping pong great. Now there’s this out of the NFL: The Pittsburgh