Head and Neck Training

There are methods for lowering the risk and reducing the number of sport-related concussions across America. Some of the factors are return to play, rules changes, the number of exposures, skill development, protective equipment and strength training to lower subconcussive forces.


Grip Strength

Grip strength can be used as a tool to have a rapid indication of someone's general muscle strength. Grip strength is reflective of muscle mass and gives you an overall sense of someone’s vitality.


The Adjustable Chin-Up Bar

The Rogers Pendulum Adjustable Chin-Up Bar is not just for the ease of training athletes of varying heights. Moving the chin bar up and down the racks was designed for building great strength.


Sport And Speed Institute

Justin Kavanaugh specializes in sports performance training. He is the managing partner of the The Sport and Speed Institute is located in Chantilly, Virginia


Training The Entire Hamstring

Regional Differences in Muscle Activation During Hamstring Exercise.  It is believed that regional activation within a muscle may lead to greater overall development.