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A Complete Weight Room

Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machines Getting Ready to be Shipped

Sport and recreation-related concussions are common injuries and are considered major health issues, as poorly attended short term injury can translate into long term. It is estimated that there are 3.8 million occurrences per year. All athletic participants are at risk, especially the young and women as they generally have smaller and weaker necks when compared to older athletes and women to their male counterparts.

Strong, stiff neck muscles have the ability to counter external forces, reduce the head’s kinematic response and dissipate more force. In a large epidemiological study it was concluded that there is a 5% decrease in the odds of a concussion for every one-pound increase in neck strength.

Neck training in a strength and conditioning program is important for every athlete in order to lower the risk of injury and to improve performance. Preventative sports medicine is the hallmark of resistance training, therefore in outfitting or upgrading a facility there is always space for the inclusion of neck machines.

Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machines Getting Ready to be Shipped


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