A Conversation... And What The Pro Football Scout Said

"We like big hand size. We measure it from the tip of the pinky to the tip of the thumb and have the athletes spread their fingers and thumb as far apart as possible. We like lineman with a measurement of 10 1/2 inches or bigger and high 9's and 10's for the skill. The biggest hand I ever measured was 11 1/8 inches from a kid out of LSU, he said."

"Lineman should have big meaty hands. I look for hand power, hand strength, a natural strike, snap in the hands and knock back ability."

If you are a coach or an athlete  and  listened to the entire discussion about what scouts look for in a prospect, you would  make sure that your training regime strengthened the hands. Not once did the professional scout during a lengthy conversation talk about anything but  hand strength and leverage.

Strong powerful hands are important and should be important to you...to Get Strong.




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