1. Muscle strength and vo2 max are predictors of life span.

2. Inactive adults experience 3%-8% muscle loss per decade, active     resistance trained adults much less.

3. Resistance training assists in prevention and management of type 2 diabetes.

4. Strength training helps to maintain posture.

5. Resistance training helps in maintaining mobility throughout life.

6. Lack of muscle decreases skeletal muscle oxidative capacity and reduction of maximal oxygen consumption, increased muscle enhances cardiovascular health.

7. Strength eases discomfort from arthritis

8. Resistance training reduce muscular pains i.e., lower back

9. Weight training increases bone mineral density.

10. Physical strength has a direct correlation with healthy ageing, there is a decrease risk of physical disability and better quality of life,

11. Loss of muscle mass leads to sarcopenic obesity, which is a loss of muscle mass and fat accumulation.

12. Muscle strength has protective effects from the incidence of cancer.

13. Strength leads to improved balance throughout life and a lower risk of  falls in ageing.

14. Strength training improves cognitive function.

15. Resistance training increases gait speed, athleticism and overall strength and power.

16,. Weight training and the acquired tissue increases metabolic rate.

17. Resistance training promotes muscle repair.

18. Muscular development reduces blood pressure.

19. Weight training increases self-esteem.

20. Strength training is better than the benefits!

Strength Training is the Best